What is Osteopathy?

An osteopath does not deal with conditions we deal with individuals. When you pertain to an osteopath you need to anticipate that you remain in focus. It is only you that are the expert on yourself. Osteopathy is based upon the Osteopat clinical subjects; anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, neurology and disease concept. An osteopath will certainly flex, stretch, stretch, “break”, massage, provide recommendations and also public auction to make the most effective possible.


Osteopaths look thoroughly at previous medical history, as well as with manual evaluations you will function to find the possible root cause of your discomfort or problems. We locate the link in between your conditions, your body as well as your daily life

What will an Osteopath do?

When pertaining to osteopathic therapy, the individual will always be spoken with for the very first time, where the existing problem as well as various other problems that might affect it will be mapped. Afterwards a thorough examination is performed having basic medical checkups in addition to orthopedic as well as neurological examination.


The studies are mostly targeted at omitting major injury or disease before the osteopath goes closer and checks out joints, muscle mass feature, movement, high quality of activity, and so on throughout the body.

Research and also experience

Osteopathic therapy is based on clinical science and academic expertise in addition to research, concept as well as experience. This entails the bone and joint system, the respiratory system (respiratory), the circulatory (blood supply) as well as the neurological system, along with the natural system (abdominal area/ belly/ food digestion). The problem does not always exist where the pain is resting, yet may come from damaged feature elsewhere in the body.

What does an Osteopath deal with?
Osteopaths can aid you with ailments like:

  • Back pain
  • Migraines/ Migraine
  • Lightheadedness
  • Acid indigestion/ disorders
  • Tosses affixed to the neck, shoulder/ arm, belly, knee as well as ankle joint.
  • Mandibular Disorders
  • sporting activities Injuries
  • Baby Osteopat
  • Treatment of kids
  • Osteopaths take a look at the body in context and also treat conditions with their hands. The treatment can influence the reasons and also can hence lower the problem location and also pain.

Constantly suggestions as well as workouts

During a therapy you will always get advice and also workouts you can do by yourself.

Is Osteopathy Suitable for All?
Definitely. Osteopathy fits you with ailments. At all ages. An osteopath will constantly function to discover the relationship in between the plagues, the body as well as day-to-day life of the patient

Flexibility of Organization

All our osteopaths are a member of the Norwegian Society for Osteopathy (NOF). This reveals that the individual has a complete education behind his title and also you obtain a risk-free therapy. You will certainly be thoroughly investigated, focusing on security, professionally updated and also will always get recommendations as well as exercises.

City OsteoPati & Fysioterapi
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Holbergsgade 14, 3. tv
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